>>> just imagine standardizing every diagnosis
>> That typically leads to either bad statistics or disimproved care.
> Can I ask why?

It of course depends on the suitability of the standardization process (as in
the applicability of a coding system to the domain - medically and in purpose).

It is a problem of up-/downcoding.

Standardizing typically needs classifying, the classes of which are either to 
fine-grained (doctors will pick a
diagnoses which seems somewhat similar to what they think it might be, thereby 
falsifying the apparent accuracy
of statistics based on the coding system), or too coarse (the picked diagnosis 
will be overly broad, thusly not
reflecting reality "enough").

I guess what I am saying is that one cannot expect to "just standardize" 
diagnoses and
hope to meaningfully draw conclusions from that post hoc. The standardization 
needs to be tied to the question that is going to be asked of the standardized 


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