IMO having s national terminology server like we have in Uruguay, is a
first step of delivering. jus imagine standardizing every diagnosis, every
procedure and every drug around the country? I can only see benefits for
clinical environments and public health, they will have data to actually
see what's happening in a complex system. also this is part of a state
strategy for health accessibility.

BTW, we don't have tons of money, so even if some tactical areas fail, is
the investment of learning. But we are learning from institutions that
already did this and using their experience, this  not an isolated journey
reinventing the wheel.

There are 3 questions to make when your are starting: 1. Is there any use
of SNOMED in my ehealth strategy? 2. Is there an alternative? 3. What's the
cost of SNOMED vs. the alternative?

I'm an engineer and just recently I was understood the real value of SNOMED
sheet using it for data querying. Without getting your hand dirty a little
bit is difficult to know for sure what are the pros and cons. Obviously
this is not a panacea and needs a lot of work to implement and maintain.
ROI is long term as in everything in ehealth (like implementing openEHR!)


On Mar 13, 2018 6:20 AM, "Philippe Ameline" <philippe.amel...@free.fr>

> Pablo, I wish you sincerely all the best.
> IMHO, the question is not really to enroll but to deliver... and
> considering the tremendous amount of money that was invested in HL7 and
> Snomed (both to elaborate and try to implement) and the actual societal
> return, there is such a discrepancy that the hypothesis that, due to
> missing the "information society" turn, health systems are entering
> terrible crisis times is to be considered seriously.
> In current "information society", you have two options when considering
> "health information systems":
> 1) You dedicate yourself to "medical information systems" instead, and can
> freely build for (inter-connected) silos,
> 2) You consider "health" in its genuine meaning and you have to realize
> that it is a complex domain fully opened to all other societal issues...
> hence should ban components that are endemic to medicine.
> Maybe (and I really mean it for Latin America), it should be high time to
> leapfrog, not to join the "dollars wasting club" ;-)
> Philippe
> Le 12/03/2018 à 18:17, Pablo Pazos a écrit :
> In Latin America is all the contrary, more countries are becoming SNOMED
> members and adopting SNOMED at the govt level.
> On Mon, Mar 12, 2018 at 10:18 AM, Philippe Ameline <
> philippe.amel...@free.fr> wrote:
>> Le 12/03/2018 à 01:38, Pablo Pazos a écrit :
>> > IMO we should focus on SNOMED.
>> Hi,
>> There is currently some kind of interesting momentum against Snomed.
>> It can come from governments that refuse to pay for it (current mood in
>> France), of from practitioners who, after having been asked by their gov
>> to "sort out their Snomed subset" came to the conclusion that it doesn't
>> exist.
>> <Troll>Some also predict that the most certain result of keeping up
>> trying to build systems using such shitty fully endemic components is to
>> have medical doctors disappear from missing the "information society"
>> turn.</Troll>
>> Have some of you been aware of the Meriterm (European) project?
>> Best,
>> Philippe
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