I would have guessed it would be the other way around. If you know at design 
time that this value will be a percentage, use the DV_PROPORTION data type with 
the ‘type’ attribute set to 2 (percent, denominator fixed to 100). On the other 
hand if you don’t know for sure (such as for some lab results or medication 
strengths which could be for example mg/ml or % interchangeably), you would use 


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I think DV_QUANTITY is the option here. Someone could argue that % is not a 
proper unit, but it is, both in UCUM and SNOMED CT.

DV_PROPORTION should be only used when you want to maintain the numerator and 
denominator explicitly separated, as a fraction, which should not be the case 
with percentages. But it is true that the definition of the type attribute in 
the specification is a bit misleading: "Indicates semantic type of proportion, 
including percent, unitary etc."

El jue., 3 ene. 2019 a las 7:59, Bakke, Silje Ljosland 
Hi everyone, happy new year!

We’ve just hit a question about modelling choices, how to represent 
percentages. We have a data type DV_PROPORTION, which can be used to represent 
any proportion such as a fraction or a percentage, and we have the DV_QUANTITY 
data type which can have % as the unit. In most existing archetypes such as the 
OBSERVATION.pulse_oximetry archetype, we’ve used the DV_PROPORTION data type 
for the percent elements, while for some reason in the draft 
EVALUATION.alcohol_consumption_summary archetype we’ve chosen DV_QUANTITY with 
the unit ‘%’ for the “Strength” element.

We’ve had a look at the data types documentation 
(https://specifications.openehr.org/releases/RM/latest/data_types.html), and we 
can’t really find any guidance in the examples there. Is there any guidance 
about this anywhere else? Does anyone have any opinions about when to use each 
data type for percentages?

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