one thing to note: DV_PROPORTION is a more complex data structure. I would be tempted to try to determine what use has been made of this archetype so far - i.e. in creating real data. If no real data has been created, then it could in theory be changed.

- thomas

On 07/01/2019 12:11, Ian McNicoll wrote:
Hi Silje,

As you say, I think this a case of emerging clarity (or less fog of confusion!!) as the various use-cases emerge. As the primary author of both these archetypes, in retrospect I would probably keep inspired_oxygen as DV_PROPORTION and change pulse_oximetry to DV_QUANTITY but!!! I do not see any good argument for changing these now. We have to expect some degree of inconsistency, and live with it, to avoid unnecessary breaking changes.

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