A) Some layers only switch to an official branch name when the find a reason
to. E.g. branch "sumo" is created on openembedded-core but meta-A
keeps working on master unless an incompatible change is created in
openembedded-core that forces meta-A to create a "sumo" branch.

B) Other layers create official branches the moment they exist. E.g. branch
"sumo" is created on openembedded-core and meta-B instantly creates a "sumo"
branch to mark this point in time, and continues working on master. If
meta-B's "sumo" branch fails to build against openembedded-core's "sumo"
branch because an incompatible change is made to openembedded-core's sumo
branch, meta-B fixes the issue on the sumo branch.

I can see how the change you've implemented will be very useful for the A)
cases. Will it be needed for the B) cases? In other words, does the code
you're adding implicitly assume:

        LAYERSERIES_COMPAT_<...> = "layer"

for any given "layer"?
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