On Fri 2018-04-06 @ 10:56:53 PM, Richard Purdie wrote:
> To be really clear, "master" is never a value that would appear in
> LAYERSERIES. That would let everyone be lazy and master would match
> everywhere, then this would all be pointless.

So what happens when the master branch of a BSP layer doesn't work with the
last release, but bitbake hasn't been updated with the next release's name?

I.e. the sumo branch of meta-bsp has

        LAYERSERIES_COMPAT_bsp = "sumo"

but what am I supposed to put as the value when meta-bsp's master branch
becomes incompatible with sumo? "master" is not allowed, and "thud" fails too.

At some point between one release and the next something might/will break. In
which case the only thing a BSP's master branch will work with is
openembedded-core's master.
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