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I would like to see is
    1. A page about build environment preparation, especially what packages are 
needed (and how to install them) to build all userland packages
        Some words when you are trying to build in a zone. A downloadable 
script would be nice… 
<> - this is the most 
up to date documentation how to get starting with oi-userland. It’s pretty much 
hidden as hipster content is not the first thing people will find. We need to fix 
this and mark/remove old content once and for all. However, wiki reorganization is 
more complex task and is out of scope of this email.

If you want faster way of getting up development environment setup, there is 
Vagrant (aimed at people not using OI as their primary system): This is 
currently the _FASTEST_ way to get started:

We could also write some script or copy/paste commands in some wiki page, but I 
always thought that zone setup was easy enough for everybody. Perhaps, my 
judgement is shrouded by the fact that I used zones basically daily.

    2. How and when to update the build environment.
Being rolling release, you update as often as you can.
As far as I know you are not doing it with the jenkins env.
Furthmore, sometimes there are new packages (or versions) that have to be installed manually.

    3. A sample for a new package (steps that are needed) and a sample for 
updating an existing package.
Usually, it’s enough to do following steps (supposing you are going to package 
component foo, which uses configure style Makefile). In components dir:

mkdir <category>/foo
cp ../templates/ <category>/foo/Makefile
cd <category>/foo
vim Makefile
And then? What to change in the Makefile? Eg. COMPONENT_REVISION.
Creating a new package is just one thing. Taking a paking from Oracle userland; from SFW, whatever source...
What to do with pkgmogrify, what changes are needed in the p5m file?

Templates can be found here: 
<>. As for 
other examples, it's best to look around components/ dir.

    4. Tips (collection of best practices and caveats).
- vagrant
I am not familiar with vagrant; I am not sure whether you can expect that.
Plus, how to configure your own jenkins?

- taking advantage of ZFS
How so?

- gmake env-prep/env-check
My experience is that env-prep works only partially. Especially it failed to prepare the whole env (gmake env-prep in root folder of the project).

These are more suitable for blogs. Anything in particular you are looking for?
Blogs are a nice thing. Alas they are mostly static and a newcomer cannot decide what is outdated and what not. This is also a problem with our wiki, especially because it deals with several topics and versions (dev vs. hipster).

What happened to Michael's work? It seems to be stuck...



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