Lots of information, out there after the embargo was partially lifted (all the details have not been revealed).


Meltdown which breaks the most fundamental isolation between user applications and the operating system and reportedly effects virtually all Intel CPUs. ARM have indicated that the ARM A75 is effected by Meltdown, a variant of Meltdown (3a) effects the Cortex A15, A57 and A72 CPUs. AMD have indicated that they are not vulnerable due to a different architecture.

Spectre consists of two variants : -

                 Variant 1 which Intel, ARM and AMD CPU are all susceptible to this can be mitigated by OS patching.

                 Variant 2 which Intel and ARM are both susceptible, however AMD have indicated that this vulnerability has not been shown.

I suspect there will be additional vulnerabilities announced later, now that more people know the types of exploits to use.


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