back button is really tricky one. I don't think that for javafx apps it should map to how back button works in native android applications. On Android it moves to previous activity or exits (if the last activity has been reached) in webkit it goes one page back but this is not that important now. In our case we have always only one activity (FXActivity which doesn't do much just prepares surface for opengl and resends touch or key presses to glass) We don't spawn new activities.

1. Back button should close dialogs by default.
2. Back button should be handled by the application itself and if not consumed by application it should go to exit (probably with a default yes/no dialog) I have problem to get notification if the back button had been handled by the javafx application. That's the main problem :(


On 01/03/2014 11:00 PM, Stephen F Northover wrote:
If you feel that further work needs to be done here, please enter a JIRA and include this discussion.


On 2014-01-03 2:43 PM, Stefan Fuchs wrote:

well, the back button is always used to go back one dialog level, until the start screen has be reached. (Dialogs are canceled, browsers go to previous website, etc...) If you press the back button on the start screen of the app, I found three different strategies to handle the back button:
1. Exit the app on first button press (examples: WhatsApp, Google Maps)
2. Hide the app on first button press and let the system kill the application, if system memory is exhausted. (examples: FireFox, Chrome) 3. Exit the app on second button press (note that most apps using this strategy print a notice message, after the first key press, which is currently not implemented for Ensemble8) (examples: Samsungs App Store)


Stephen F Northover wrote:
Hi Alex,

Samples were changed to support Android. Apparently, hitting escape twice should exit an application and this behavior was coded into EnsembleApp. I'm not an Android guy but if this is standard Android behavior, it should be part of JFX, not the example code.

Anyhow, I'll let Stefan or Johan comment on this and they can enter a follow on JIRA.


On 2014-01-03 12:32 PM, hang...@oracle.com wrote:
Changeset: 6f0901527ad0
Author:    snorthov
Date:      2014-01-03 12:23 -0500
URL: http://hg.openjdk.java.net/openjfx/8u-dev/rt/rev/6f0901527ad0

RT-35147: [Android, Ensemble8] App should react to hardware buttons on Android
Reviewed-by: snorthov
Contributed-by: Stefan Fuchs <snfu...@gmx.de>

! apps/samples/Ensemble8/src/app/java/ensemble/EnsembleApp.java
! apps/samples/Ensemble8/src/app/java/ensemble/PlatformFeatures.java
! apps/samples/Ensemble8/src/app/java/ensemble/samplepage/Description.java ! apps/samples/Ensemble8/src/app/java/ensemble/samplepage/SamplePageContent.java ! apps/samples/Ensemble8/src/app/java/ensemble/samplepage/SourceTab.java ! apps/samples/Ensemble8/src/app/java/ensemble/util/FeatureChecker.java
! modules/base/src/main/java/com/sun/javafx/PlatformUtil.java

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