Fix it. You own the code. If you can test on an Android device, then great. Otherwise, get Stefan or Johan to test your changes.


On 2014-01-13 8:46 AM, Alexander Kouznetsov wrote:
Hi Steve,

In general it looks good but I want to correct some parts of it.

How should I proceed in this case?

Best regards,
Alexander Kouznetsov
(408) 276-0387

On 3 янв 2014 21:44, Stephen F Northover wrote:
Hi Alex,

Samples were changed to support Android. Apparently, hitting escape twice should exit an application and this behavior was coded into EnsembleApp. I'm not an Android guy but if this is standard Android behavior, it should be part of JFX, not the example code.

Anyhow, I'll let Stefan or Johan comment on this and they can enter a follow on JIRA.


On 2014-01-03 12:32 PM, wrote:
Changeset: 6f0901527ad0
Author:    snorthov
Date:      2014-01-03 12:23 -0500

RT-35147: [Android, Ensemble8] App should react to hardware buttons on Android
Reviewed-by: snorthov
Contributed-by: Stefan Fuchs <>

! apps/samples/Ensemble8/src/app/java/ensemble/
! apps/samples/Ensemble8/src/app/java/ensemble/
! apps/samples/Ensemble8/src/app/java/ensemble/samplepage/ ! apps/samples/Ensemble8/src/app/java/ensemble/samplepage/ ! apps/samples/Ensemble8/src/app/java/ensemble/samplepage/
! apps/samples/Ensemble8/src/app/java/ensemble/util/
! modules/base/src/main/java/com/sun/javafx/

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