For JavaFX 8, please refer to

You can use -fx-min-width, -fx-pref-width, -fx-max-width and corresponding height properties to set region size.

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On 15 дек 2013 11:17, Pedro Duque Vieira wrote:
I think it is an interesting use of CSS - sizing stuff..  I think its the
only way that currently exists, i.e. using padding.

P.s.: what happened to the width and height property that was discussed in
this mailing list?
  On Dec 15, 2013 7:11 AM, "Gerrit Grunwald" <> wrote:

Hi Pedro,

If you set -fx-scale-shape: true; you just have to know the aspect ratio
of your svg path and can control the size of the Region in Java code
(either in the skin or in the region class).
To be honest I never tried to size a shape by using only padding in css.



Am 15.12.2013 um 07:37 schrieb Pedro Duque Vieira <>:

Hi Gerrit,

Yeah, thanks putting -fx-scale-shape: false does make the svg shape the
original size as seen in Illustrator.

I'm still left with a doubt though, you say you resize the region to make
the svg the way you want to, how do you do that? programmatically, through
java? How about doing it through CSS? That's why I was using padding, but I
don't want to disrupt the aspect ratio..

Thanks, best regards,

On Sat, Dec 14, 2013 at 11:47 PM, Gerrit Grunwald <>wrote:

Hi Pedro,

If I got you right you have scaling problems with the -fx-shape in css
right? So if you use
-fx-scale-shape: false;
the svg path should be exactly the same size as the original path from
Illustrator and if you would like to scale the shape to the size of the
Region you just set it to true and set the size if the Region to the size
you need the svg path.
If your svg path has a certain aspect-ratio you should take care about it
by resizing the Region correctly. That is the way I use it everywhere and
it works really nicely. I usually don't use the padding for the svg path in
css to resize it.

Just my 0.02€...



Am 14.12.2013 um 22:00 schrieb Pedro Duque Vieira <>:

While working in JMetro (Metro like controls for javafx) I have the
following process for creating svg graphics using javafx css:
1- I create the vector graphics in Adobe Illustrator
2- save the file in svg format
3- get the svg path notation from the svg file and use it with javafx
-fx-shape css property

The thing that I haven't still mastered is how does the size of the
graphics in Illustrastor translate to the size I have to input in the
-fx-padding css property. I know I have to enter half the value of width
for the left and right and half the value of the height for the top and
bottom but still that doesn't seem to work. It's still more of a
process of
trial and error for me.

Thanks in advance.

Pedro Duque Vieira

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