We're trying to play a notification sound at a regular interval (every 500ms) 
in a loop.

It should sound like "bing.bing.bing." and not like 
"bing......bing..bing...bing" if you know what I mean ;)

>From the JavaDoc we were guessing that an efficient way to do this would be to 
>set cycle count to indefinite on the audio clip / on the media player and call 
>play() once.

- Cycle count doesn't work for mp3 files. No problem, just use WAV.
- The playback does not happen at regular intervals. -> not usable in this 

Our solution so far has been to have a scheduled executor which calls 
audioclip.play() every 500 ms. This creates a new thread every time (see stack 
trace below) and we don't like this approach.

Are there any experts for NativeMediaPlayer on this mailing list?

Kind regards,

Daemon Thread [Thread-21] (Suspended)   
        owns: NativeMediaAudioClipPlayer  (id=1523)     
        NativeMediaPlayer$EventQueueThread(Thread).init(ThreadGroup, Runnable, 
String, long, AccessControlContext) line: 365    
        NativeMediaPlayer$EventQueueThread(Thread).init(ThreadGroup, Runnable, 
String, long) line: 349  
        NativeMediaPlayer$EventQueueThread(Thread).<init>() line: 445   
        NativeMediaPlayer$EventQueueThread.<init>(NativeMediaPlayer) line: 386  
        GSTMediaPlayer(NativeMediaPlayer).<init>(NativeMedia) line: 109 
        GSTMediaPlayer.<init>(GSTMedia) line: 46        
        GSTMediaPlayer.<init>(Locator) line: 62 
        GSTPlatform.createMediaPlayer(Locator) line: 121        
        PlatformManager.createMediaPlayer(Locator) line: 201    
        NativeMediaManager.getPlayer(Locator) line: 222 
        MediaManager.getPlayer(Locator) line: 104       
        NativeMediaAudioClipPlayer.play() line: 319     
        NativeMediaAudioClipPlayer.clipScheduler() line: 112    
        NativeMediaAudioClipPlayer.access$000() line: 47        
        NativeMediaAudioClipPlayer$Enthreaderator.lambda$static$4() line: 85    
        2056540299.run() line: not available    
        Thread.run() line: 745  

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