I think what Abu says here is a good concept to apply more "globally".

I believe there should be a way to get access to the native APIs or contexts 
"in general" across all of the main JavaFX features (such as the OpenGL context 
etc.), just in case you find yourself in a situation where the "standard" 
JavaFX functionality just doesn't quite fit with your use case and you need to 
override or "do something special".

Yes, it would/may not be true cross platform code but sometimes (as has already 
been mentioned several times), you really do need to do some more 
platform-specific low-level stuff and it would be great to have some form of 
"JavaFX Native API Access" feature/concept.

> On 10 Dec. 2016, at 01:31, Abu Abdullah <falcon.sh...@gmail.com> wrote:
> - RTSP support for MediaPlayer
> - expose gstreamer API for public that allows you to build the pipeline 
> yourself

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