As far as the bug goes, I think it would be better to do it the other way around. If we adopt a policy that a PR should reference a bug in JBS, then that part of the problem will go away. I'm not convinced that merging a random PR, for what is essentially just "a good idea" if it isn't backed by a JBS bug, is all that useful. IBy having a bug in JBS before generating the PR, we are that much farther along towards getting it integrated.

-- Kevin

Michael Ennen wrote:
Having a bot that creates a webrev, verifies OCA is signed for the commit
and a generates a JBS/java bug report template would be ideal IMO.

We can use something like AWS Lambda that runs every X minutes and checks
for PRs to the openjdk-jfx GitHub repository. If a new PR is seen, or a PR
is updated,
the webrev, OCA confirmation, and bug report template are auto-generated
and the
bot can, for example, post a comment on the PR or we could use the github PR
status check feature.

Just some ideas.

- Michael

On Wed, Feb 14, 2018 at 3:25 PM, Nir Lisker <> wrote:

Thank you!

My concerns (not complaints) and questions:

1. Developer forks the github repo, enhances it, and creates a PR.

2. He discusses it with a committer, and eventually the PR is accepted.

As I said before, we need to be careful where the discussion is made. PRs
on GitHub have their own thread and there's also the mailing list. Maybe
someone from Oracle already has done work related to the PR, and this will
only be known if a JBS issue is submitted or a mailing list thread is
started. Isn't this supposed to happen before starting to work on a PR even

If you want to contribute, you can create PR's. The idea is that OpenJFX
committers can merge PR's in this repository.
Are these PRs linked/related in some way to JBS? Currently, one would
submit a JIRA ticket, then work under that roof. Is that something the
committer will do after the PR has been merged?

How would you verify the identity of committers (or contributors for the
purpose of OCA) for GitHub? If I become a committer, I wouldn't want
someone to create an account with my name and ask you to give them
committer rights.

Generally, as a non-committer, is it intended that I'll be able to work
through both Oracle's and GitHub's channels? For one issue I can submit a
PR and have a committer handle the webrev in my name, and for another issue
I can do it myself?

- Nir

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