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> Onderwerp: Re: [Openocd-development] PIC32 openocd status
> >
> > This is wrong. ICSP is Microchip's proprietory protocol for 
> > programming and debugging. The ICSP module is independent from the 
> > EJTAG module in PIC32. You can read Chapter
> > 33 of the PIC32MX Family Manual for more information.
> I didn't make it up.
> I read it.
> PIC32MX Flash Programming Specification 61145D.pdf :
> Section 5:
> EJTAG is designed for debugging. However that same 
> functionality can be used to allow programming. PIC do not 
> need to re-specify EJTAG, as that is available from MIPS. I 
> have found no suggestion that the PIC32 does not implement a 
> compliant EJTAG core, and as ICSP is just de-multiplexed into 
> 4 wire jtag internally, there is no reason why EJTAG 
> operations will not operate as expected over ICSP.
> There are lots of MIPS chips that have an EJTAG core. An 
> EJTAG implementation in OpenOCD would be awesome. PIC32 is a 
> nice cheap platform to develop and test this with.

AFAIK EJTAG is already implemented in OpenOCD (I'm using it for another
MIPS based SOC to program external flash). I just don't know how
complete it is in respect to debugging/single stepping. The flash
programming routines for PIC32 are also available in OpenOCD. So I guess
everything is available in OpenOCD to program a PIC32.

Slighty off-topic: I think the MIPS GCC compiler from Codesourcery can
be used for PIC32 straight away. It is based on GCC 4.x (not the old 3.x
GCC), has newlib support and isn't crippled! The C library from mspgcc
(GCC for TI's MSP430 series) is a usefull replacement for newlib because
it is really really small. I had little problems compiling it for ARM.

Nico Coesel

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