osaf/services/saf/amf/amfnd/di.cc |  8 ++------
 1 files changed, 2 insertions(+), 6 deletions(-)

After SC absence, active amfd will reject messages from 'veteran' amfnds until
its local amfnd has started. During this period, if a PG track action msg
is sent and rejected by amfd, it will cause the sending amfnd to lose sync
with amfd. So we should also queue this message to be re-sent.

diff --git a/osaf/services/saf/amf/amfnd/di.cc 
--- a/osaf/services/saf/amf/amfnd/di.cc
+++ b/osaf/services/saf/amf/amfnd/di.cc
@@ -1033,12 +1033,8 @@ uint32_t avnd_di_msg_send(AVND_CB *cb, A
        if (!msg)
                goto done;
-       /* Verify Ack nack and PG track action msgs are not buffered */
-       if (m_AVSV_N2D_MSG_IS_PG_TRACK_ACT(msg->info.avd)) {
-               /*send the response to AvD */
-               rc = avnd_mds_send(cb, msg, &cb->avd_dest, 0);
-               goto done;
-       } else if (m_AVSV_N2D_MSG_IS_VER_ACK_NACK(msg->info.avd)) {
+       /* Verify Ack nack msgs are not buffered */
+       if (m_AVSV_N2D_MSG_IS_VER_ACK_NACK(msg->info.avd)) {
                /*send the response to active AvD (In case MDS has not updated 
                   tables by this time) */
                TRACE_1("%s, Active AVD Adest: %" PRIu64, __FUNCTION__, 

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