The basic problem is that their development will effect me as a user.

I have no complaints about what Justin is trying to do.  My complaint is
how he has to word what he is doing, and I think it is because there is
something wrong with the organization of this development project.  Having
looked at that organization, I'd say that the basic problem is that it is
oriented about what potential developers might want to do rather than about
what users might want.  It's an organization I would want nothing to do
with even if I wanted to work upon OpenSim rather than within it.

Not only do I not want to do development, I want to use the system which
was developed.  The only reason I joined this list is because I think that
the development currently happening is a threat to my continued enjoyment
of the product.  The difference between me and most end users is that I'm a
retired programmer -- I know how these things go.

So, you may drop dead for all I care.  You are not helping to protect my

On Wed, Apr 2, 2014 at 10:22 AM, Michael Emory Cerquoni <> wrote:

> Jim,
>    You are way off topic here, this has nothing to do with OSG or Metro
> grids, I don't know why you suddenly feel the need to criticize everyone
> and everything announced here, but it has finally gotten to the point where
> I feel I need to step in and say something about this, your comments of
> late seem unproductive and volatile as if you are just trying to start
> arguments, please keep the drama out of these communications, Justin is
> simply trying to keep things moving forward in a productive manner and all
> I see from you lately is negativity and nothing that lends to any kind of
> improvement, this is a developer channel, if you want to lend to
> development than do something productive other than criticize, start
> submitting patches or get directly involved in debugging and filing bug
> reports or something, but please take the drama else where it is no
> appreciated.
> On Wed, Apr 2, 2014 at 10:07 AM, Jim Williams <>wrote:
>> Hi Justin,
>> The fact that your message is a plea rather than an announcement makes it
>> rather clear why I felt I had to leave OSG and move my sim to Metro.  It
>> also explains to me why I felt I had to add myself to this list at the same
>> time -- self protection.
>> If your release cycle is 4 months shouldn't there be a hard and fast
>> feature freeze at the end of the first month?  And there should be no
>> back-talk or exceptions.  Bug fixes ought to be just about 3/4 of the
>> effort anyway.  What OpenSim needs is credibility as a stable working
>> system, not more features.
>> If it''s a choice between what is going on now and having no development
>> on OpenSim, I think I'd rather see no development.  I have no way of
>> stopping the badness from happening at my end other than complaining about
>> it.
>> On Tue, Apr 1, 2014 at 9:41 PM, Justin Clark-Casey <
>>> wrote:
>>> Hi folks.  For the past 3 years, we've had a significant OpenSimulator
>>> release at about 4 to 8 month intervals.
>>> As the last major release (0.7.6) was in September 2013, we are due for
>>> another, and this seems like a reasonable point.  From my perspective,
>>> releases drive a very significant level of OpenSimulator adoption.  It's
>>> also the case that I may have a limited window of time to act as release
>>> manager, after which things may get very busy for me for an extended period.
>>> There was some disagreement over how the last release was handled,
>>> particularly over the period when I asked that developers take care to
>>> leave master stable.  However, it's quite hard for me to see how this could
>>> be done in another way without significantly more manpower.  Even when the
>>> release is branched, if the release branch and master diverge significantly
>>> (or master is broken) then a lot of the testing done by users is lost -
>>> very few people actually pick up and test release candidates.
>>> So unless there is disagreement, I'm going to ask that people take care
>>> to keep master stable until the end of April or release, whichever occurs
>>> first.  This certainly does not mean a halt to development on master, it's
>>> just a request that people take a common sense approach to holding off from
>>> putting in destabilising or very complicated changes for a while, unless
>>> these are to fix significant bugs or regressions.
>>> I'm very happy to hear alternatives, though I would also need people to
>>> help if they involve more work.  In any case, Robert has very kindly
>>> volunteered to look at some of the current regressions but more help is
>>> always very welcome.
>>> The current regressions or very major bugs have a 0.8 target in Mantis.
>>>  As with every release so far, only major regressions are guaranteed to
>>> receive some sort of attention, where the answer may still be WONTFIX for
>>> this release.
>>> Regards,
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