I have now removed support for the legacy format. The new format for
XML, both for files and for web loading, is below:

<Section Name="Region Name">
<Key Name="RegionUUID" Value="acae2f54-24fc-427f-92b0-7c3d6a5597d4" />
<Key Name="Location" Value="981,1009" />
<Key Name="InternalAddress" Value="" />
<Key Name="InternalPort" Value="9000" />
<Key Name="AllowAlternatePorts" Value="false" />
<Key Name="ExternalHostName" Value="" />
<Key Name="NonPhysicalPrimMax" Value="1024" />
<Key Name="PhysicalPrimMax" Value="64" />
<Key Name="ClampPrimSize" Value="false" />
<Key Name="MaxPrims" Value="45000" />
<Key Name="MaxAgents" Value="100" />

Multiple "Section" statements can be placed within "Nini".

- Melanie
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