Well OSS devs, be prepared to be banned by anyone using the redzone 
thing even when using unpatched LL svn. Sorry to spam, but this type of 
attitude is spreading, and I thought that *EVERYONE* on this list best know.

[14:54] zFire Xue: Your comming up as Community Developer
[14:55] zFire Xue: which is an open source viewer that someone has made 
into a copybot viewer.  Yours might not have been, but it reads just 
like one that is
[14:55] GC Continental: which is a false positive
[14:56] zFire Xue: It isnt snowglobe
[14:56] zFire Xue: and its a known copybot
[14:56] zFire Xue: So Im confused about the falseness part
[14:56] GC Continental: it is snowglobe. This is unpatched source.
[14:57] GC Continental: anything not on the TPV list as of yesterday 
can't connect to the grid at all. This one does.
[14:58] GC Continental: someone may have altered the sources on their 
personal viewers, but the svn of anowglobe isn't a copying viewer
[15:00] zFire Xue: Ok, I have 3 people with your same signature.
[15:00] zFire Xue: I have 2884 with snowglobe signatures
[15:01] GC Continental: 'd suggest you hop onto the opensource-dev 
mailing list... there has to be a better way of detecting.
[15:03] GC Continental: If there is, that's going to be the best place 
to has it out. There are a few people on there you'd want to be in 
contact with, such as Marine and most of the  Emerald crew.
[15:03] GC Continental: as well as meroiv, rob, and Q linden
[15:04] GC Continental: (I can't type today)
[15:04] zFire Xue: I have no interest in being in contact with any of them.
[15:05] zFire Xue: I will get a copy of Linux snowglob and test.
[15:05] GC Continental: Compile it yourself - use the svn sources
[15:05] zFire Xue: but being that I have IDed Snowglobe over 2800 times 
with the system, and then there is you, and 2 others... it doesnt look 
good that you are such a rare exception.
[15:06] GC Continental: You'll have the same viewer I have.
[15:06] zFire Xue: That explains how someone may have made a copybot out 
of it.
[15:07] GC Continental: Copybot came out before the sources were 
released. Nov 2006.
[15:08] GC Continental: I'll forward it to the dev list. Thank you for 
your time.


On 05/01/2010 04:35 PM, Thickbrick Sleaford wrote:
> I don't know if this store is (badly) detecting client versions/channels
> through the media plugins' user agent strings, or if it's just that I didn't
> move enough for their taste after teleporting. I went there with my test alt,
> using Snowglobe 2.0.0 (3333) Apr 22 2010 00:11:09 (CommunityDeveloper) on
> linux, and was banned and ejected after a couple of minutes:
> [13:14] Second Life: You have been teleported home by the object 'zF RedZone
> v3.2.3' on the parcel 'Furniture and Prefabs @ The Loft II'.
> [13:14] zF RedZone v3.2.3: You have been removed for using copybot.
> On Saturday 01 May 2010 22:20:26 Glen Canaday wrote:
>> That's me on the list. You go in Snowglobe V2? My partner was also there
>> in Emerald and did not get banned - that's why I was asking about
>> client-based ban (and hence why I even brought it up on this list, even
>> though it's only on topic in a very cursory way).
>> --GC

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