On January 9, 2018 8:41 AM, Rich Salz
> ➢  We are currently modifying the source from Apache to OpenSSL open
> source
>     licensing for the Speck/OpenSSL integration. Related repositories such
>     as the cipher itself will remain under the Apache license. We would love
>     input on the following items:
> Don’t bother changing the license.  The future direction of OpenSSL is moving
> to Apache, anda it’s unlikely this work would show up in OpenSSL before we
> change the license.
> We’ll soon have a blog post about our current thoughts on a crypto policy.
> Watch this space.
> For discussion, the future-compatible thing to do :) is open a GitHub issue.
> Then, make a pull request after the issue discussion seems to have died
> down.

A request, maybe OT. The NonStop platform does broadly deploy Apache but do use 
OpenSSL. I understand that OpenSSL does not officially support the HPE NonStop 
NSE/NSX platforms - but it is used on the platform through my team's port, 
which I currently support, and through other ports as well. Added a dependency 
to Apache is likely to dead-end the project for us depending on the depth of 
the dependency, if I understand where this is going (hoping I am wrong).

With respect,

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