Hi Dmitry,

We implemented it using the same means as we saw the other ciphers. It was using the EVP functions. This way it could be included or excluded via makefile.


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Dear William,

Does SPECK implementation need to be a part of the OpenSSL bundle itself?
It can be added as engine, similar to Russian GOST support, with minimal patches providing OIDs/NIDs if necessary.

On Fri, Jan 5, 2018 at 9:52 PM, William Bathurst <wbath...@gmail.com <mailto:wbath...@gmail.com>> wrote:

    Hello All,

    We have open sourced our work in regards to integrating the Speck
    Cipher with OpenSSL. Basic information about this cipher can be
    found here.


    SPECK is a lightweight block ciphers each of which comes in a
    variety of widths and key sizes and is targeted towards resource
    constrained devices and environments. This implementation is
    currently implemented using the 128 and 256 block sizes.

    We are currently modifying the source from Apache to OpenSSL open
    source licensing for the Speck/OpenSSL integration. Related
    repositories such as the cipher itself will remain under the
    Apache license. We would love input on the following items:

    1) Community interest in such a lightweight cipher.
    2) Committers willing to help on the code for improvements.
    3) Information on how to make this available as a patch.

    We have currently integrated Speck with OpenSSL 1.1. We also have
    an Speck Client software available for people who wish to test
    this software. Future ports will be to mbedTLS.

    We have listed making it available as an issue:


    OpenSSL/Speck Integration open source repositories:


    Feel free to contact to to discuss the cipher and uses.

    With Regards,

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