And the reason I said you certainly don't need a keyed hash ?

Behaviour of the hash function will change with key and in some cases 
performance would degenerate to that of a linked list. (Ouch). And since 
the obvious thing to do is use a random key, OpenSSL's performance would 
get *very* erratic.

Simpler functions than cryptographic hashes will almost certainly yield 
better results here. I note someone further up the thread someone else has 
pointed that out. 


From:   "Salz, Rich" <>
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Date:   11/01/2017 13:14
Subject:        Re: [openssl-dev] use SIPhash for OPENSSL_LH_strhash?
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The needs for OpenSSL's LHASH are exactly what SipHash was designed for: 
fast on short strings.
OpenSSL's hash currently *does not* call MD5 or SHA1; the MD5 code is 
commented out.
Yes, performance tests would greatly inform the decision.
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