I see this in Openstack Newton

I start 200 instances with a oneliner.

openstack server create \
--image "Ubuntu Xenial 16.04 (SWITCHengines)" \
--flavor c1.small \
--network demonetwork \
--user-data cloud-init.txt \
--key-name macsp \
--min 200 \
--max 200 test

When I do this I see a problem where all the instances boot and are in
Running state, before all neutron ports are ACTIVE.

I see with `openstack port list` neutron ports still in BUILD state. It
takes a longer time to make them all ACTIVE, the instances that use
those ports boot up much faster.

In rabbitmq queues I see growing the dhcp_agent.<hostname> queues.

At the very end all neutron ports will be ACTIVE and rabbitmq queues
back to normal. But many VMs failed getting an address via DHCP because
at the time they were trying the dnsmasq process did not have a
corresponding entry for the instance in the `host` file. Unfortunately
the instance gives up trying obtaining an address via DHCP after 5 minutes.

When I start 200 instances I always end up with 15 to 30 instances
without IP address. I check carefully using cloud-init: I make them
phone-home to check if they are alive.

Should I open a bug for this ?? It looks like a race condition where
nova boots the instance before the neutron port is really ready.

thank you for your feedback.


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