This topic has been available on ux-askbot and ux Google+ forum before that for 
months.  Based on that alone, I don’t believe the vote was limited.  All input 
was taken and considered.  In the end, there are strong opinions on both sides.

What the final outcome was…  We’ll implement the vertical navigation by default 
and write the html such that skinning to make the navigation horizontal should 
be as easy as writing the less and potentially additional js for it (thinking 
of screen width overflow).  I’m not sure we want to take on the burden of 
supporting an implementation of both layout directions in horizon, but there 
may be workable solutions there.

As other icehouse blueprints depend on the navigation upgrade, I’d rather not 
keep rehashing this topic.

-David Lyle

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Subject: [openstack-dev] [UX] Weekly topic - Horizon Navigation

Dear OpenStack community,

each week we are going to highlight some interesting and important UX topics 
here on the mailing list (though I will be referencing a lot to the Askbot 
tool, which we use for discussions).

At the moment, we are asking for attention for Horizon's navigation redesign:

Some time before summit we started to invest time into navigation enhancements. 
There started horizontal proposal [0] and based on some feedback, we tried to 
provide vertical solution [1] as well. At summit there was super interesting 
discussion about interaction in both approaches. At the end of session, we had 
a voting which ended in favor of vertical navigation (won in ratio about 6:4). 
There were strong arguments for vertical as well as for horizontal approach.

Lately, there were some voices that voting was based on limited audience, so 
I'd like to bring this issue up here. We don't want to be blocked forever, 
choosing 'perfect' solution. We will try to deliver solution so that people can 
easily switch from vertical to horizontal (or vice versa) just by skinning 
anyway. So for the moment we want to find preferred way for OpenStack upstream, 
which we will be enhancing in time. What is important to take into account is 
to keep on mind latest IA [2], which is still in progress, but we have pretty 
good picture which direction we are going.

Whoever is interested in navigation topic or has some preferences one way or 
another, we are looking forward to hearing from you here or in the Askbot 

-- Jarda

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