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> Hi,
> On 06/11/2018 03:53 PM, Ruby Loo wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > I don't want to hijack the initial thread, but am now feeling somewhat 
> > guilty 
> > about not being vocal wrt Storyboard. Yes, ironic migrated to Storyboard in 
> > the 
> > beginning of this cycle. To date, I have not been pleased with replacing 
> > Launchpad with Storyboard. I believe that Storyboard is somewhat 
> > still-in-progress, and that there were/are some features (stories) that are 
> > outstanding that would make its use better.
> > 
> >  From my point of view (as a developer and core, not a project manager or 
> > PTL) 
> > using Storyboard has made my day-to-day work worse. Granted, any migration 
> > is 
> > without headaches. But some of the main things, like searching for our RFEs 
> > (that we had tagged in Launchpad) wasn't possible. I haven't yet figured 
> > out how 
> > to limit a search to only the 'ironic' project using that 'search' like 
> > GUI, so 
> > I have been frustrated trying to find particular bugs that I *knew* existed 
> > but 
> > had not memorized the bug number.
> Yeah, I cannot fully understand the search. I would expect something explicit 
> like Launchpad or better something command-based like 
> "project:openstack/ironic 
> pxe". This does not seem to work, so I also wonder how to filter all stories 
> affecting a project.

Searching tripped me up for the first couple of weeks, too.
Storyboard's search field is a lot "smarter" than expected. Or maybe
you'd call it "magic". Either way, it was confusing, but you don't have
to use any special syntax in the UI.

To search for a project, type the name of the project in the search
field and then *wait* for the list of drop-down options to appear.
The first item in the list will be a "raw" search for the term. The
others will have little icons indicating their type. The project
icon looks like a little cube, for example.  If I go to
https://storyboard.openstack.org/#!/search and type "openstack/ironic"
I get a list that includes openstack/ironic, openstack/ironic-inspector,

Select the project you want from the list and hit enter, and you'll
get a list of all of the stories with tasks attached to the project.

To search based on words in the title or body of the story or task,
just type those and then select the item with the magnifying glass
icon for the "raw" search.

It's not necessary to use search to get a list of open items, though.
You can also navigate directly to a project or group of projects.
For example, by clicking the "Project Groups" icon on the left you
end up at https://storyboard.openstack.org/#!/project_group/list
and by entering "ironic" in the search field there you'll see that
there are 23 projects in the ironic group (wow!). Clicking the name
of the project group will take you to a view showing the current
open items.

I strongly encourage teams to set up worklists or dashboards with
saved searches or manually curated lists of stories or tasks. For
example, the release team uses
https://storyboard.openstack.org/#!/board/64 to keep track of our work
within the cycle.


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