Doug Hellmann <>  wrote:

>I'm not sure what sort of project-specific documentation we think we need.
Perhaps none if there is a standard, but is there a standard? Can you give me 
examples in Storyboard of "standard" views that present information even 
vaguely similar to and ? Or is every project on their own to invent 
the views that they will use, independent of what any other project is doing?

>Each project team can set up its own board or worklist for a given series. The 
>"documentation" just needs to point to that thing, right?
If we're relying on each team to set up its own board or worklist then it 
sounds like there is not a standard. In which case, we're back to the need for 
each project to document (at a minimum) where to find its view and perhaps also 
how to interpret it.

>Each team may also decide to use a set of tags, and those would need to be 
>documented, but that's no different from launchpad.
I agree, use of tags is likely to be team specific, but where can someone find 
those tags without mind-melding with an experienced member of the project?

E.g. If I navigate to the fairly obvious URL: I can see a list of tags on the right side 
of the page, sorted in descending order by frequency of use. On the other hand, 
if I follow the intuitive process of going to 
and clicking on "Project Groups" and then clicking "heat" and then clicking 
"openstack/heat" I reach the somewhat less obvious URL!/project/989 and no indication at all of 
what tags might be useful in this project.

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