Robert Collins wrote:
> So, I'm a little worried about the complexities of organising free
> slots given we're basically about to double the # of entrieshave in
> all our calendars.

I don't think that's what we are about to do, as I don't expect every
single meeting to implement a rotation. As I said in another thread:

Rotating meetings are not a magic bullet: unless your contributors are
evenly distributed on the planet, you end up alienating your regular
contributors and slowing down the pace of your core team... sometimes
for no obvious gain.

One option is to keep your "regular" weekly meeting, but then throw an
*additional* meeting in alternate timezone(s) every month to take the
pulse of the devs you have there. That would also let you gauge the need
for a more regular meeting, or truly alternating meeting times. All that
without impacting your "regular" velocity, and not being too much of a pain.

So I would not just "shift the whole calendar each week" because that
assumes that rotating meetings are good for everyone. I don't expect a
few meeting rotating times to create that many scheduling headaches
(since the Europe/APAC-friendly meeting slots are not used that much
currently !). If the number of "meeting" channels really becomes a
problem we could explore John's proposed solution (enabling the meeting
bot on topical channels and have some meetings there).


Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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