Love  the idea to have clearer terminology.
Suggest we let telco folks to suggest terminology to use.
This is not a 3 level hierarchy but much more.
There are several layers of aggregation from local to metro, to  regional, to 
DC. And potential multiple layers in each.

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Hi all,

Sorry for chiming in really late in this topic, but I think $subj is worth 
discussing until we settle harder on the potentially confusing terminology.

I think the difference between "Edge" and "Far Edge" is too vague to use these 
terms in practice. Think about the "edge" metaphor itself: something rarely has 
several layers of edges. A knife has an edge, there are no far edges. I imagine 
zooming in and seeing more edges at the edge, and then it's quite cool indeed, 
but is it really a useful metaphor for those who never used a strong 
microscope? :)

I think in the trivial sense "Far Edge" is a tautology, and should be avoided. 
As a weak proof of my words, I already see a lot of smart people confusing 
two and actually use Central/Edge where they mean Edge/Far Edge. I suggest we 
adopt a different terminology, even if it less consistent with typical 
term around the "Edge" movement.

Now, I don't have really great suggestions. Something that came up in TripleO 
discussions [1] is Core/Hub/Edge, which I think reflects the idea better.

I'd be very interested to hear your ideas.



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