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> Hi all,
> Sorry for chiming in really late in this topic, but I think $subj is worth
> discussing until we settle harder on the potentially confusing terminology.
> I think the difference between "Edge" and "Far Edge" is too vague to use
> these
> terms in practice. Think about the "edge" metaphor itself: something
> rarely has
> several layers of edges. A knife has an edge, there are no far edges. I
> imagine
> zooming in and seeing more edges at the edge, and then it's quite cool
> indeed,
> but is it really a useful metaphor for those who never used a strong
> microscope? :)
> I think in the trivial sense "Far Edge" is a tautology, and should be
> avoided.
> As a weak proof of my words, I already see a lot of smart people confusing
> these
> two and actually use Central/Edge where they mean Edge/Far Edge. I suggest
> we
> adopt a different terminology, even if it less consistent with typical
> marketing
> term around the "Edge" movement.

FWIW, we created rough definitions of "edge" and "far edge" during the edge
WG session in Denver.
It's mostly based on latency to the end user, though we also talked about
quantities of compute resources, if someone can find the pictures.
See the picture and table here:

> Now, I don't have really great suggestions. Something that came up in
> TripleO
> discussions [1] is Core/Hub/Edge, which I think reflects the idea better.

I'm also fine with these names, as they do describe the concepts well. :)

// jim

> I'd be very interested to hear your ideas.
> Dmitry
> [1] https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/tripleo-edge-mvp
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