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>> On 01/27/2014 09:07 AM, Macdonald-Wallace, Matthew wrote:
>>> Hi Sean,
>>> I'm currently working on moving away from the "built-in" logging to use
>> log_config=<filename> and the python logging framework so that we can start
>> shipping to logstash/sentry/<insert other useful tool here>.
>>> I'd be very interested in getting involved in this, especially from a "why 
>>> do we
>> have log messages that are split across multiple lines" perspective!
>> Do we have many that aren't either DEBUG or TRACE? I thought we were pretty
>> clean there.
> True, most (all?!!) are DEBUG/TRACE and mainly from calling out to other 
> clients (Neutron/Glance/Cinder/etc), but if you're sending DEBUG somewhere 
> useful for future processing then trying to glue the split-lines back 
> together again can be "interesting".
> At the moment we are assuming that anything that doesn't start with a 
> date-stamp is associated with the line above it.  This is probably OK for 
> now, however if anything changes in future that negates this rule we won't 
> catch it until it's too late!
>>> P.S. FWIW, I'd also welcome details on what the "Audit" level gives us
>>> that the others don't... :)
>> Well as far as I can tell the AUDIT level was a prior drive by contribution 
>> that's
>> not being actively maintained. Honestly, I think we should probably rip it 
>> out,
>> because I don't see any in tree tooling to use it, and it's horribly 
>> inconsistent.
> +1 for this, I wondered if it was something to do with Ceilometer but I'm 
> guessing probably not from your comment here.
> I've also noticed just now that we appear to be "re-inventing" some parts of 
> the logging framework (openstack.common.log.WriteableLogger for example 
> appears to be a "catchall" when we should just be handing off to the default 
> logger and letting the python logging framework decide what to do IMHO).

WriteableLogger exists for a very specific reason: eventlet. Eventlet
assumes a file object for logging, not a python logger.

I've proposed a change for that -
https://github.com/eventlet/eventlet/pull/75 - but it's not yet upstream.


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