On Mon, Apr 14, 2014 at 4:58 PM, Chris Behrens <cbehr...@codestud.com> wrote:
> On Apr 13, 2014, at 9:58 PM, Michael Still <mi...@stillhq.com> wrote:
>> First off, thanks for electing me as the Nova PTL for Juno. I find the
> First off, congrats!


>> * a mid cycle meetup. I think the Icehouse meetup was a great success,
>> and I'd like to see us do this again in Juno. I'd also like to get the
>> location and venue nailed down as early as possible, so that people
>> who have complex travel approval processes have a chance to get travel
>> sorted out. I think its pretty much a foregone conclusion this meetup
>> will be somewhere in the continental US. If you're interested in
>> hosting a meetup in approximately August, please mail me privately so
>> we can chat.
> I think one of the outcomes from the first one was that we should try to do 
> it earlier. Feature freeze would be somewhere around first week of September. 
> I’d like to see us do it the last week of July at the latest, I think. That 
> is still ‘approximately August’, I guess. :)

That's a fair point. I'd put it in the middle of the six month release
cycle, but you're right that we should not include FFE in that period.
I guess that means sometime in July would be the winner. However, we'd
need to work around OSCON and have to somehow find a balance between
it being well placed and it also not being absurdly close to the
summit in May.

Let me stare at a calendar tomorrow and come up with a more concrete proposal.


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