On 14 April 2014 16:58, Michael Still <mi...@stillhq.com> wrote:
> First off, thanks for electing me as the Nova PTL for Juno. I find the
> outcome of the election both flattering and daunting. I'd like to
> thank Dan and John for running as PTL candidates as well -- I strongly
> believe that a solid democratic process is part of what makes
> OpenStack so successful, and that isn't possible without people being
> will to stand up during the election cycle.

+1 - me too, it was great to see James Slagle stand up and volunteer this cycle.

> * a mid cycle meetup. I think the Icehouse meetup was a great success,
> and I'd like to see us do this again in Juno. I'd also like to get the
> location and venue nailed down as early as possible, so that people
> who have complex travel approval processes have a chance to get travel
> sorted out. I think its pretty much a foregone conclusion this meetup
> will be somewhere in the continental US. If you're interested in
> hosting a meetup in approximately August, please mail me privately so
> we can chat.

Redhat offered to host the next TripleO midcycle meetup in Raleigh, I
don't know if they have space for Nova & TripleO at once, but I'd love
to get more collaboration time betwixt Nova and TripleO. The TripleO
midcycle meetups are 'doing' meetings, not planning meetings - but
plenty of planning does still happen ;)

Date wise, how about before OSCON ? PyConAU which often gets a heavy
openstack contingent is august 1-5.


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