On 08/07/2014 12:32 PM, Eoghan Glynn wrote:

If we try to limit the number of WIP slots, then surely aspiring
contributors will simply work around that restriction by preparing
the code they're interested in on their own private branches, or
in their github forks?

OK, some pragmatic contributors will adjust their priorities to
align with the available slots. And some companies employing
large numbers of contributors will enforce policies to align
their developers' effort with the gatekeepers' priorities.

But I suspect we'd also have a good number who would take the
risk that their code never lands and work on it anyway. Given
that such efforts would really be flying beneath the radar and
may never see the light of day, that would seem like true waste
to me.

Is that a problem? If such developers are going to work on their pet project anyway, it's really up to the core team whether or not they think it makes sense to merge the changes upstream.

If the core team doesn't think they're worth merging (given the constraints on reviewer/approver time) then so be it. At that point either we accept that we're going to leave possible contributions by the wayside or else we increase the core team (and infrastructure, and other strategic resources) to be able to handle the load.


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