On Thu, Aug 7, 2014 at 11:20 PM, Russell Bryant <rbry...@redhat.com> wrote:
> On 08/07/2014 09:07 AM, Sean Dague wrote:> I think the difference is
> slot selection would just be Nova drivers. I
>> think there is an assumption in the old system that everyone in Nova
>> core wants to prioritize the blueprints. I think there are a bunch of
>> folks in Nova core that are happy having signaling from Nova drivers on
>> high priority things to review. (I know I'm in that camp.)
>> Lacking that we all have picking algorithms to hack away at the 500 open
>> reviews. Which basically means it's a giant random queue.
>> Having a few blueprints that *everyone* is looking at also has the
>> advantage that the context for the bits in question will tend to be
>> loaded into multiple people's heads at the same time, so is something
>> that's discussable.
>> Will it fix the issue, not sure, but it's an idea.
> OK, got it.  So, success critically depends on nova-core being willing
> to take review direction and priority setting from nova-drivers.  That
> sort of assumption is part of why I think agile processes typically
> don't work in open source.  We don't have the ability to direct people
> with consistent and reliable results.
> I'm afraid if people doing the review are not directly involved in at
> least ACKing the selection and commiting to review something, putting
> stuff in slots seems futile.

I think some of this discussion is because I haven't had a chance to
write a summary of the meetup yet for the public mailing list. That's
something I will try and do today.

We talked about having a regular discussion in our weekly meeting of
what reviews were strategic at a given point in time. In my mind if we
do the runway thing, then that list of reviews would be important bug
fixes and slot occupying features. I think an implied side effect of
the runway system is that nova-drivers would -2 blueprint reviews
which were not occupying a slot.

(If we start doing more -2's I think we will need to explore how to
not block on someone with -2's taking a vacation. Some sort of role
account perhaps).

I think at the moment nova is lost in the tactical, instead of trying
to rise above that to solve strategic problems. That's a big risk to
the project, because its not how we handle the big issues our users
actually care about.


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