On 08/08/2014 11:37 AM, Thierry Carrez wrote:
> Personally I think we just need to get better at communicating the
> downstream expectations, so that if we create waste, it's clearly
> upstream fault rather than downstream. Currently it's the lack of
> communication that makes developers produce more / something else than
> what core reviewers want to see. Any tool that lets us communicate
> expectations better is welcome, and I think the runway approach is one
> such tool, simple enough to understand.

I strongly agree with everything here except the last part of the last

To me the runway approach seems like yet another set of arbitrary hoops
that we will put in place so that we don't have to tell people that we
don't have bandwidth/willingness to review and help their contribution in.

It is "process over communication" at it's finest and will in no way
help to foster an open and honest communication in the community IMHO. I
don't see it making matters any worse, since I think what we have now is
more or less that with one layer of processes less, but I don't see it
making things better either.

The biggest issue I see is that there is no justifiable metric with
which we can back up assigning a slot to a feature other than "we say
so". We can do that just as easily without "runways".

I'd love for someone to tell me what am I missing here...


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