On 2014-08-08 09:43:54 -0700 (-0700), Devananda van der Veen wrote:
> this sounds like it will also solve the current problem when a
> core reviewer has gone on vacation after blocking something for
> procedural reasons.

I don't really think so, unless I'm misunderstanding which vacation
problem you're talking about. We can either make a vote carry over
on subsequent patchsets (in which case you need someone to reverse
or delete the -2 before you can merge it) or not (in which case you
will lose that -2 on the next uploaded patchset and have to keep
reapplying it manually).

Unless perhaps you're suggesting that we should allow approved
changes to merge even with a workflow -2 from another reviewer
(keeping in mind that we don't currently allow changes with a
workflow -1 to merge).
Jeremy Stanley

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