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> On 08/07/2014 02:12 AM, Kashyap Chamarthy wrote:

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> >Excellent sugestion. I've wondered multiple times that if we could
> >dedicate a good chunk (or whole) of a specific release for heads down
> >bug fixing/stabilization. As it has been stated elsewhere on this list:
> >there's no pressing need for a whole lot of new code submissions, rather
> >we focusing on fixing issues that affect _existing_ users/operators.
> There's a whole world of GBP/NFV/VPN/DVR/TLA folks that would beg to differ
> on that viewpoint. :)

Sure. new code submissions might be exciting, and might not find it as
unalloyed joy to fix someone *else*'s bugs. People can differ, as long
as: there's a clear indication of commitment to stand by when bugs occur
and help investigate cross-project issues involving their work -- to me
this shows that they care about the project in long-term and gets you
more karma. Not just only throw some half-assed code (not implying they
do) and go about their ways. While users/operators have to find out the
hard way that it's a pain in the neck to even set up, or so fragile that
you sneeze and it all falls apart.

I like Nikola's response[1] and the 'snippet' he posted, which sets the
expectations in a crystal clear language.

> That said, I entirely agree with you and wish efforts to stabilize would
> take precedence over feature work.

  [1] http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2014-August/042299.html


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