I want to ask about neutron and designate integration.
I think dnsmasq fowards DNS request from instance to designate is better.

                           |DNS server(designate)   |
-----------------+--------------+------ Network1
              |dnsmasq |
-+--------------+---------------------- Network2
|instance |

Because it's simpler than virtual router connects Network1 and Network2.
If router connects network, instance should know where DNS server is. it is 
dnsmasq returns its ip address as dns server in DHCP replay by ordinary, so,
I think good dnsmasq becomes like a gateway to designate.

But, I can't connect dnsmasq to Network1. because of today's neutron design.

  Does designate design team have a plan such as above integration?
  or other integration design?

*1: Network1 and Network2 are deployed by neutron.
*2: neutron deploys dnsmasq as a dhcp server.
    dnsmasq can forward DNS request.


kazuhiro MIYASHITA

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