On Fri, 15 Aug 2014, Sandy Walsh wrote:

I recently suggested that the Ceilometer API (and integration tests)
be separated from the implementation (two repos) so others might plug
in a different implementation while maintaining compatibility, but
that wasn't well received.

Personally, I'd like to see that model extended for all OpenStack
projects. Keep compatible at the API level and welcome competing

I think this is a _very_ interesting idea, especially the way it fits
in with multiple themes that have bounced around the list lately, not
just this thread:

* Improving project-side testing; that is, pre-gate integration

* Providing a framework (at least conceptual) on which to inform the

* Solidifying both intra- and inter-project API contracts (both HTTP
  and notifications).

* Providing a solid basis on which to enable healthy competition between

* Helping to ensure that the various projects work to the goals of their
  public facing name rather than their internal name (e.g. Telemetry
  vs ceilometer).

Given the usual trouble with resource availability it seems best to
find tactics that can be applied to multiple strategic goals.

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