Eoghan Glynn wrote:
> [...] 
>> And which cross-project concern do you think is most strained by the
>> current set of projects in the integrated release? Is it:
>> * QA
>> * infra
>> * release management
>> * oslo
>> * documentation
>> * stable-maint
>> or something else?
>> Good question.
>> IMHO QA, Infra and release management are probably the most strained.
> OK, well let's brain-storm on how some of those efforts could
> potentially be made more scalable.
> Should we for example start to look at release management as a
> program onto itself, with a PTL *and* a group of cores to divide
> and conquer the load?
> (the hands-on rel mgmt for the juno-2 milestone, for example, was
>  delegated - is there a good reason why such delegation wouldn't
>  work as a matter of course?)

For the record, I wouldn't say release management (as a role) is
strained. I'm strained, but that's because I do more than just release
management. We are taking steps to grow the team (both at release
management program level and at foundation development coordination
levels) that should help in that area. Oslo has some growth issues but I
think they are under control. Stable maint (which belongs to the release
management program, btw) needs more a restructuration that a resource

I think the most strained function is keeping on top of test failures
(which is most case is just about investigating, reproducing and fixing
rare issues bugs). It's a complex task, it falls somewhere between QA
and Infra right now, and the very few resources that have the unique
combination of knowledge and will/time to spend on those is quickly
dying of burnout.

Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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