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> On 08/19/2014 06:39 PM, Sylvain Bauza wrote:
> > On the other hand, ERT discussion is decoupled from the scheduler
> > split discussion and will be delayed until Extensible Resource Tracker
> > owner (Paul Murray) is back from vacation.
> > In the mean time, we're considering new patches using ERT as
> > non-acceptable, at least until a decision is made about ERT.
> >
> Even though this was not officially agreed I think this is the least we can do
> under the circumstances.
> A reminder that a revert proposal is up for review still, and I consider it 
> fair
> game to approve, although it would be great if we could hear from Paul first:
>   https://review.openstack.org/115218

Given the general consensus seemed to be to wait some before deciding what to 
do here, isn't putting the revert patch up for approval a tad premature ?
The RT may be not able to cope with all of the new and more complex resource 
types we're now trying to schedule, and so it's not surprising that the ERT 
can't fix that.  It does however address some specific use cases that the 
current RT can't cope with,  the spec had a pretty through review under the new 
process, and was discussed during the last 2 design summits.   It worries me 
that we're continually failing to make even small and useful progress in this 

Sylvain's approach of leaving the ERT in place so it can be used for the use 
cases it was designed for while holding back on doing some of the more complex 
things than might need either further work in the ERT, or some more fundamental 
work in the RT (which feels like as L or M timescales based on current 
progress) seemed pretty pragmatic to me.


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