On 22/08/14 12:45, Dolph Mathews wrote:
>I'm all for getting a final decision, but a 'final' decision that has been
>imposed from outside rather than internalised by the participants is...
>rarely final.
The expectation of a PTL isn't to stomp around and make "final" decisions,
it's to step in when necessary and help both sides find the best solution.
To moderate.

Oh sure, but that's not just the PTL's job. That's everyone's job. Don't you think?

I did that before I was the PTL and will continue to do it after I'm no longer the PTL. And if anyone in the (especially) the core or wider Heat team sees an opportunity to step in and moderate a disagreement I certainly expect them to take it and not wait for me to step in.

I'm not calling for no leadership here - I'm calling for leadership from _everyone_, not just from one person who holds a particular role.


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