On 08/23/2014 06:35 PM, Clint Byrum wrote:
 I agree as well. PTL is a servant of the community, as any good leader
is. If the PTL feels they have to drop the hammer, or if an impass is
reached where they are asked to, it is because they have failed to get
everyone communicating effectively, not because "that's their job."

The problem isn't really that teams are not communicating effectively, nor is the problem to do with some deficit of a PTL in either putting the hammer down or failing to figure out common ground.

The issue in my opinion and my experience is that there are multiple valid ways of doing something (say, deployment or metering or making toast) and the TC and our governing structure has decided to pick winners in spaces instead of having a big tent and welcoming different solutions and projects into the OpenStack fold. We pick winners and by doing so, we are exclusionary, and this exclusivity does not benefit our user community, but rather just gives it fewer options.

IMHO, the TC should become an advisory team that recommends to interested project teams ways in which they can design and architect their projects to integrate well with other projects in the OpenStack community, and design their projects for the scale, stability and requirements (such as multi-tenancy) that an open cloud software ecosystem demands.

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