We've been playing a game recently between oslo.vmware and the refactor
series where a patch from the refactor series goes in, requiring a
rebase of oslo.vmware daily. After a brief discussion with garyk earlier
I decided to head that off by rebasing the refactor series on top of
oslo.vmware, which has been sat in the integrated queue in the gate for
over 5 hours now. i.e. Whether it succeeds or fails, it will now go in
before anything else.

Unfortunately, in doing that I have had to lose +2 +A on 4 refactor
series patches. I made a note of who had approved them:

Brian Elliott +2
John Garbutt +2 +A

Daniel Berrange +2
Andrew Laski +2
John Garbutt +2 +A

Brian Elliott +2
Andrew Laski +2
John Garbutt +2 +A

Brian Elliott +2
Andrew Laski +2
John Garbutt +2 +A

These patches have been lightly touched to resolve merge conflicts with
the oslo.vmware integration, but no more. If people could take another
quick look I'd be very grateful.


Matthew Booth
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