Not sure if is necessary.
See if this solves your issue [1], simple update to your devstack 
localrc/local.conf to create the type keys. It is merged to master.
Otherwise, consider creating a cinder backend file[1].



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Mykola, thanks for update!

Few additional notes on this. For now, we have to inject two patches to make it 

The first patch is a simple bugfix for the Coraid driver itself:

The second one is for Tempest to allow specification of custom volume type keys 
that are required for the Coraid
driver to operate properly:

On Fri, Sep 5, 2014 at 6:09 PM, Mykola Grygoriev 
<<>> wrote:

My name is Mykola Grygoriev and I'm engineer who currently working on deploying 
3d party CI for Сoraid Сinder driver.

Following instructions on

asking for adding gerrit CI account (coraid-ci) to the Voting Third-Party CI 
Gerrit group<,members>.

We have already added description of Coraid CI system to wiki page -
We used openstack-dev/sandbox project to test current CI infrastructure with 
OpenStack Gerrit system. Please find our history there.
Please have a look to results of Coraid CI system. it currently takes updates 
from openstack/cinder project:
Thank you in advance.

Best regards,
Mykola Grygoriev

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