>> The last few days have been interesting as I watch FFEs come through.
>> People post explaining their feature, its importance, and the risk
>> associated with it. Three cores sign on for review. All of the ones
>> I've looked at have received active review since being posted. Would
>> it be bonkers to declare nova to be in "permanent feature freeze"? If
>> we could maintain the level of focus we see now, then we'd be getting
>> heaps more done that before.
> Agreed. Honestly, this has been a really nice flow. I'd love to figure
> out what part of this focus is capturable for normal cadence. This
> realistically is what I was hoping slots would provide, because I feel
> like we actually move really fast when we call out 5-10 things to go
> look at this week.

The funny thing is, last week I was thinking how similar FF is to what
slots/runways would likely provide. That is, intense directed focus on a
single thing by a group of people until it's merged (or fails). Context
is kept between iterations because everyone is on board for quick
iterations with minimal distraction between them. It *does* work during
FF, as we've seen in the past -- I'd expect we have nearly 100% merge
rate of FFEs. How we arrive at a thing getting focus is different in
slots/runways, but I feel the result could be the same.

Splitting out the virt drivers is an easy way to make the life of a core
much easier, but I think the negative impacts are severe and potentially
irreversible, so I'd rather make sure we're totally out of options
before we exercise it.


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