On Mon, Sep 08, 2014 at 05:20:54PM -0700, Stefano Maffulli wrote:
> On 09/05/2014 07:07 PM, James Bottomley wrote:
> > Actually, I don't think this analysis is accurate.  Some people are
> > simply interested in small aspects of a project.  It's the "scratch your
> > own itch" part of open source.  The thing which makes itch scratchers
> > not lone wolfs is the desire to go the extra mile to make what they've
> > done useful to the community.  If they never do this, they likely have a
> > forked repo with only their changes (and are the epitome of a lone
> > wolf).  If you scratch your own itch and make the effort to get it
> > upstream, you're assisting the community (even if that's the only piece
> > of code you do) and that assistance makes you (at least for a time) part
> > of the community.


> From conversations with PTLs and core reviewers I get the impression
> that lots of drivers contributions come with bad code. These require a
> lot of time and reviewers energy to be cleaned up, causing burn out and
> bad feelings on all sides. What if we establish a new 'place' of some
> sort where we can send people to improve their code (or dump it without
> interfering with core?) Somewhere there may be a workflow
> "go-improve-over-there" where a Community Manager (or mentors or some
> other program we may invent) takes over and does what core reviewers
> have been trying to do 'on the side'? The advantage is that this way we
> don't have to change radically how current teams operate, we may be able
> to start this immediately with Kilo. Thoughts?

I don't really I agree with the suggestion that contributions to drivers
are largely "bad code". Sure there are some contributors who are worse
than others, and when reviewing I've seen that pretty much anywhere in
the code tree. That's just life when you have a project that welcomes
contributions from anyone. I wouldn't want to send new contributors
to a different place to "improve their code" as it would be yet another
thing for them to go through before getting their code accepted and I
don't think it'd really make a significant difference to our workload

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