On Wed, Sep 10, 2014 at 12:34 PM, Stefano Maffulli
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> On 09/10/2014 02:27 AM, Sylvain Bauza wrote:
>> Well, both proposals can be done : we can create subteams and the
>> Subteam-Approval Gerrit label right know before Kilo, and we could split
>> the virt repos by later once the interfaces and prereqs are done.
> That's what I mean in fact: create sub team is fairly easy to do, we can
> start very soon. Splitting the repos will require the cleanup in
> internal interfaces, documentation and the other things that (while
> important and needed anyway) will require probably one cycle, if not more.
> On 09/10/2014 09:07 AM, Kyle Mestery wrote:
>> I would be cautious around sub-teams. Our experience in Neutron has
>> been that we do a very good job of setting up sub-teams, but a
>> terrible job at deciding when they should be spun-down and folded back
>> in. Because in a lot of cases, a sub-team's existance should be for a
>> short period of time. The other problem is that sub-teams can tend to
>> wander away from the broader team, making it harder for their work to
>> be integrated back into the whole. All of this is to say that
>> sub-teams require coordination and lots of communication, and should
>> be carefully watched, groomed, and culled when necessary.
> This is great feedback. Maybe picking the leaders of the sub-teams based
> on their communication skills and their understanding of the bigger
> picture would help? How would you do things differently, based on your
> experience?
I think that is absolutely the case: sub-team leaders need to be
vetted based on their upstream communication skills. I also think what
we're looking at in Neutron is giving sub-teams a shelf-life, and
spinning them down rather than letting them live long-term, lose
focus, and wander aimlessly.


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