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> Joe Gordon wrote:
>> To that end, I would like to propose an exercise as discussed in the TC
>> meeting yesterday [1]:
>> Have anyone interested (especially TC members) come up with a list of
>> what they think the project wide Kilo cycle goals should be and post
>> them on this thread by end of day Wednesday, September 10th. After which
>> time we can begin discussing the results.
>> The goal of this exercise is to help us see if our individual world
>> views align with the greater community, and to get the ball rolling on a
>> larger discussion of where as a project we should be focusing more time.
> Thanks again to Joe for starting this important discussion.

I was going to propose my own list, but to be honest, Thierry sums it
all up so eloquently below that I'd be hard pressed to come up with a
different list.

> My personal list of Kilo goals goes as follows:
> #1: Fix our growth pains
> We grew a lot, and our recipes were designed for a smaller group where
> trust happens more naturally. With our community growing to a Dunbar
> order of magnitude above, some of those recipes don't work so great, so
> we need to revisit them... That includes the binary "integrated release"
> (introduce layers?), cross-project functional testing (push it at
> project level?), the "programs" concept, encouraging PTL delegation (the
> czar/liaisons proposal ?), scaling core reviewing in larger projects
> (Nova driver split ?), etc.
> We already started the conversation on those important topics, but Kilo
> is the timeframe for us to implement those changes, because I don't see
> our community wait for more than one cycle to see the light at the end
> of the tunnel.
> #2: Fix the end user experience
> Monty expressed it better than I can. We need consistent and
> better-designed APIs, client SDKs that provide useful primitives and
> actually abstract differences in implementations, etc.
> #3: Fix what we have: bugfixes, consistency, scaling up, scaling down,
> upgrading
> Rather than adding more features for the mid-size private cloud, let's
> make sure that what we have works well, provides a consistent experience
> across projects, scales up beautifully, can be easily used at smaller
> scale as well (simplicity), and allows seamless upgrades. This is
> another way of looking at "paying our technical debt" that others have
> mentioned as goals -- generally polishing what we have rather than
> building out new things.
I agree with all of your goals here Thierry, and as I stated above, my
list matches these one for one. I think we have to continue fixing the
growing pains which are happening at a micro-level in each project,
and at a macro-level overall. There are lots of solid ideas around
this for sure, we just need to execute on the ones which we think will
have the most benefit. To me, this is the biggest issue we have and
the one we should tackle first.


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