Anita Kuno wrote:
> My question involves third party discussions. Now I know at least
> Neutron is going to have a chat about drivers which involves third party
> ci accounts as a supportive aspect of that discussion, but I am
> wondering about the framework for a discussion which I can recommend
> attendees of the third party meetings to attend. They are shaping up to
> be an attentive, forward thinking group and are supporting each other
> which I was hoping for from the beginning so I am very heartened by our
> progress. I am feeling that as a group folks have questions and concerns
> they would appreciate the opportunity to air in a mutually constructive
> venue.
> What day and where would be the mutually constructive venue?
> I held off on Joe's thread since third party ci affects 4 or 5 programs,
> not enough to qualify in my mind as a topic that is OpenStack wide, but
> the programs it affects are quite affected, so I do feel it is time to
> mention it.

I think those discussions could happen in a cross-project workshop.
We'll run 2 or 3 of those in parallel all day Tuesday, so there is
definitely room there.

Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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